About the Ministry

When you think of ministry, chances are great that you will think of the service that pastors and other Christians do to further the Gospel.  Ministry most definitely should INCLUDE that and perhaps as  a major part of the work.  However, ministry can and should include the physical, emotional, vocational, mental and yes, even the financial needs of those being ministered to.

We almost always think of ministry taking place with those in the church, exclusively.  This, of course is a very limited definition of ministry because as I see it, ministry should involve service to ALL, believer and nonbeliever alike.

This MINISTRY, while geared to the believer, it is open to all.

Share Loans–Our Take

This program was created as a NETWORK of individuals coming together to solve one problem:  To get rid of Interest-based education loans.

A while back, President Obama was talking about people taking responsibility for themselves and in the words of Obama, everyone will have to “have some skin in the game.”

Our version of “Skin in the Game” is our NETWORK in which participating members agree to donate $19 per month, most of which goes into the Loan Share Fund upon which members can draw.  Additionally, each member will have to be willing to share this program with others which will help this fund to grow.

Using the technology that is available to us, and a tried and true system called affiliate marketing, each member is given a Loan Share Account and each time someone joins using the member’s referral number, funds are deposited into that member’s Loan Share Account upon which that member may borrow.  As the Individual Loan Share Account grows, so does the amount that is available for the member to borrow.

Members who participate are asked to DONATE $19 per month to the fund.

There is more to this program than just getting loans.  Members will have access to another part of our program called Senergy Place which is designed to help members “Monetize their dreams”.  Our members get full access to the site which normally costs $39 per month for the services provided there.  You can visit the site to see the benefits.

Additionally, members will have access to resource materials on personal finance, credit, investing, business ownership and biblical stewardship.  It is a good thing to get out from under the onerous burden of these loans, but understanding how to plan for a biblical future when it comes to finances is, well…priceless.

What about Loan Payback?

Members must sign a promissory note with the understanding that they must BEGIN making payments within 7 years from the start of their first loan.

As a ministry of Beth-El Worship Center, we operate strictly under the teachings of the Bible.  While anyone and everyone is welcome to join us, only those who become members and sign a membership pledge can be held accountable for the “dictates” of this ministry.

Exodus 22:25 states:  “If you lend money to one of my people among you, do not treat it like a business deal; charge no interest.”

We treat everyone as one of HIS people among us for the sake of charging no interest.  Everyone who participates will be eligible for this benefit.

However, in Deuteronomy 15:1, we are bound by Scriptures to cancel the debts of our members and only members may participate in this part of the program.  All others will have to begin paying back their loans.  For members, once the debts have been cancelled, the funds received may have to be reported to the government as income:  “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…”

Three Primary Benefits

There are three primary benefits to this program.

1)  Zero Percent Interest Rate on all loans, with Zero Fees.
2)  VERY Flexible loan terms–Payments must begin within 7 years of receiving first loan for non Beth-El members, and
3)  Access to Senergy Place and other Biblical financial tools.

I know that all of this is very innovative and cutting edge.  I also know that you will (or should) only get involved with people that you know and trust.  I urge you to do your due diligence.  Check me out and put us through the paces.  You will find in the end that I am here for you.  I am in the exact same situation with my student loans as you.  I needed a program to help relieve the stress but was unable to find one, so I created this ministry. When you are ready, check out the rest of the site and then join with us in this ministry.